Tax Law


Tax Problems

There can be many causes of tax problems causing back takes including divorce, illness, IRS audits, decline in business, job loss and various other reasons.  Tax problems also arise because of a failure to file tax returns, an IRS bill, IRS audit, excessive IRS penalties  


IRS Enforcement

Once the IRS assesses a tax debt is assessed, the IRS utilizes various collection procedures including: tax liens, wage garnishments, tax levies, harassing phone calls and if warranted corporate officers or owners might be held personally liable for unpaid payroll taxes.


Stop IRS Harassment Today

Taxpayers have rights.  You may be able to reducing or manage tax debts by use of the following solutions:


Offer in Compromise – this IRS programs allows taxpayers who qualify to settle their tax debts for only a fraction of the amount owed.

Release of Liens – if you qualify tax liens can be release or subordinated.

Installment Agreement – The IRS may permit you to pay back your tax debt over time.

Penalty Relief – Some penalties may be abated based upon reasonable cause.

IRS Audit Reconsideration – You can petition the IRS to reevaluate the audit findings by the presentation of new evidence.

Filin Accurate Tax Returns – Filing accurate tax returns may reduce your tax burden or even qualify you for a refund.


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